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a radically supported birth.

Claire + Allie

In order to birth something new,

you must first create the space for it.

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So what is a doula, anyway?

A doula is a person trained to provide evidence-based and experiential physical, emotional (and spiritual, if desired) support, as well as education and advocacy for the birthing person during and after birth.

Doulas are non-medical birth professionals and are present solely to serve you. I am not affiliated with any hospital or medical practice. I provide consistent, unbiased support whether you; desire an epidural, water birth, hospital or home birth, unmedicated, or scheduled cesarean (belly) birth, have a partner who wants to be involved or are planning to labor alone... my priority is your comfort and care, period.  My training includes: Birth + Postpartum Doula trainings, Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, and Lactation for Doulas.



  1. We meet! All doula packages include one complimentary home or virtual visit to see if we're a good fit.
  2. We get to know each other. We'll schedule 1-3 Prenatal visits to discuss your birthing options, preferences, create or review your birth plan and practice comfort techniques.
  3. Unlimited email, text and phone support is included from signing of contract. I am on-call 24/7 after 37 weeks gestation.
  4. Continuous, non-judgmental labor support at home, hospital or birthing center until about 2 hours post-delivery.
  5. 1-3 Postpartum visits to check-in on the whole family, offer referrals if needed, start to process the birth if you'd like, and further support your transition.

"As a first time mom, I was very intimidated by the whole birthing process. So glad to have had Claire with us, she was calm, warm and so knowledgeable." - D. W.

"Claire was incredibly helpful and supportive. Having her presence made the experience positive and enjoyable for both my wife and me. Thanks again, Claire!" - J. E.

"I had a lot of fear around birth and if I could handle the pain. Claire helped me prepare ahead of time and was with me every step of the way. With her support and the tools we used, I ended up surprising myself and got through a lot of the initial pain without medication or catastrophizing the situation. I feel proud and powerful reflecting on the birth of my daughter now." - J. L.

We were so lucky to have Claire's support during the first months of our daughter's life. Being first time parents, we learned from her experience, and her firm and calming energy shifted our initial feelings of chaos and fear. She helped me transition back to work and even gain confidence and understanding of my changed body. She's a dream! - N. R.


Postpartum Support

So you’ve finally birthed your little bundle of joy and get to meet them face to face, now what? You may have thought caring for your baby would come intuitively but now you can’t get them to stop crying…for hours. It’s normal to feel like you’re taking a final exam but you studied all the wrong material. It’s normal to be overcome with love and awe for your baby one moment and completely frustrated and angry with them the next.


Care for Parent & Baby

Taking care of you and your baby’s basic needs. This package includes newborn education, light household help such as changing your sheets, washing baby’s things, caring for baby while you shower, nap or spend time with older siblings, and practical help to encourage your healing.


One of the best gifts you can give yourself in the postpartum period is the gift of delicious, home cooked meals. Viewing food as medicine, this package includes the preparation of nourishing meals, snacks and refreshing beverages. Choose from a list of my favorite foods for healing or provide your favorite recipes and I will shop, chop and cook them for you so when you open your fridge you feel instantly calmer.

Your body has endured an incredible amount. Your mind and soul, too, have expanded and stretched to birth your baby and your new identity. Gentle and safe hands-on yoga therapy has the power to both nurture and expedite this healing process. Postpartum bodywork can include myofasical release techniques for your tight shoulders, back & hips, somatic training, hands-on assists in restorative yoga postures, and a good scalp or foot rub. While dinner is in the oven and baby is napping nearby, we will work together to soothe your nervous system and reintegrate your mind-body connection.

What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula provides compassionate, evidence-based guidance on things such as infant feeding, bathing, soothing, and sleeping, birthing person's physical and emotional recovery from birth, and assimilating the new baby or babies into the existing family structure. Creating space for these services in the weeks following birth is the absolute best gift you can give yourself or your loved one who has recently delivered. My approach is light-hearted, maternal, and informed by years of working alongside parents navigating the newness.

You have the capacity to thrive in the chaos and gracefully rise to the unexpected challenges.

Sometimes you just need a guide to help you along the way.

I am here to help you slow down, wake up, ease off, and get in touch with the deepest, purest version of yourself that doesn’t get caught in the web of fear and worry.

Ready to birth something new?

“All mothering is intergenerational: for better and for worse, your maternal identity is founded in your mother’s style, and hers in her mother’s. Whether you parent your child as your mother parented you, or adopt a different mothering style, becoming a mother gives you a beautiful (and sometimes painful) opportunity for a do-over. In a way, you get to re-experience your own childhood in the act of parenting, repeating what was good, while trying to improve upon what you think you can do better.”

—Alexandra Sacks MD Reproductive Psychiatrist


Claire is an intuitive and skilled caregiver on many levels. She can sense and meet the needs of all members of the family--the new mother, the children, the father, as well as the family unit as a whole, with ease. Even more than this, she becomes an integral part of the family she supports.
-Clare P.

One time, Claire spent hours consoling our baby, who was quite colicky at the time, before bedtime. All of us had given up, except Claire. She walked her, rocked her, chanted to her, and rubbed her back, and the baby fell blissfully asleep. If only all of us could be cared for in that way…
- Michelle K.

Claire was always ready to help with whatever needed doing. She has a wonderful sense of what people need, and attending to that need, often before it has been articulated. She was a miracle worker, especially with our newborn who had colic and would cry for hours on end. Claire always had a calm presence and never seemed to get unnerved by the crying. She was also quite wonderful with our young boys, who were not always easy. She knows how to be firm yet loving, and is always up for an adventure.
-Jen W.

I have been taking postnatal yoga with Claire and she couldn’t be more wonderful. She is a skillful yoga teacher with a warm heart and compassionate spirit. I am beyond thrilled to practice with her.
-Rachel M.

Claire is an incredible yoga teacher. Her passion and unique understanding of the practice shine through while she teaches. Not to mention that her hands-on assists are like magic.
-Alana S.

Claire is a wonderful yoga teacher. She has such a calm, meditative demeanor and voice while still creating playful and experimental classes. She has a sophisticated understanding of the body in relation to yogic philosophy and her classes are well rounded as a result. I highly recommend her, she’s truly one of a kind!
-Margot G.

In all the years I have been practicing yoga (about 8), I have never encountered a young teacher with as much appreciation for all of the individual needs of the participants in her class. Claire never ceased to amaze at how perceptive she is to weaknesses and particular needs in every class. Even before we could voice them, she was addressing problem areas without a word. I particularly appreciated Claire's ability to anticipate an issue and her hands-on approach to teaching. Her communication skills are outstanding and her infectious smile certainly lit up the room. She is sorely missed and fondly remembered. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a fabulous woman to share a yoga practice with.
-Pam M.

Claire was an absolutely fabulous instructor. I appreciated her willingness to curtail the class to what participants were feeling/needed at that time. Also, she was very open to leaving the front of the room to come help participants directly, guiding them to use correct posture or enhance their yoga positions. Claire’s friendly and non-judgmental demeanor and attitude allowed me to truly release myself from work-day stress and feel comfortable enough to fully engage in lunch time yoga. I really hope Claire continues her practice.
-Emily T.

I enjoyed Claire’s style of teaching, her tone of voice completely helped me to relax. My favorite part of her class was her magnetic voice and her lovely smile. She is respectful and polite. She never pressured any students to do a pose that we could not do. Best of all, I could follow her instruction so easily. She made me at ease throughout the class. Her gentle soothing touch towards the end of the class was most satisfying.
-Siew-Keng T.

We were so lucky to have Claire's support during the first months of our daughter's life. Being first time parents, we learned from her experience, and her firm and calming energy shifted our initial feelings of chaos and fear. She helped me transition back to work and even gain confidence and understanding of my changed body. She's a dream! -Nicole R.

Incredible session with Claire. She has a special magic she weaves into her work with people. Such a pleasure getting to know her!  -Lesley B

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