Imagine yourself,

surrounded by space & swaying trees.


In order to birth something new,

you must first create the space for it.

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Laying in a restorative, nourishing yoga posture, supported by props, a delicious lavender eye pillow and your dedicated healing guide (me!). Knowing there is absolutely nothing you need to do, no where else you need to be, no one you need to take care of.

Just you, your precious body, growing and healing as one.

You’ve earned a break. You deserve to be pampered.

It’s time to treat yo’self.

Retreats range from an afternoon in the country to an entire week in the lusciousness of Costa Rica. With no kids, no to do’s, no jobs, no laundry…


nourish: a prenatal retreat
summer 2020

We invite you to a magical 3-day, 2-night private mountain getaway just 90 minutes from Manhattan. Immerse yourself in prenatal yoga, nature, intention-setting, group sharing, and delicious Ayurvedic-inspired meals and snacks.

I will be co-hosting this retreat with the lovely, dynamic private chef and doula, Liz Craig of mothermoon. Space is limited and open to pregnant people only.

replenish: a postpartum retreat
summer 2020

This retreat is all about postpartum healing. We believe postpartum is forever. Not in a looming, scary way but in a beautifully healing and evolving way. We invite you to step away from your busy daily life to connect with yourself and other moms on the will return home rejuvenated, recharged and ready for what's next.

Liz Craig of mothermoon and I will be hosting this retreat in a gorgeous, secluded location within driving distance of NYC.